Annual Report 2023

Materiality Overview

Our materiality map determines what is most relevant for our business and outlines our positive impact on sustainable development.

By identifying and addressing all relevant topics for its business and for its positive impact on sustainable development, Belimo strengthens stakeholder relationships, monitors high-level opportunities, safeguards against risks, and maintains successful mid-term and long-term growth performance. The identification of these topics is also the basis for strategic corporate management and sustainability reporting.

The materiality assessment was initiated as an industry and peer evaluation that was then developed in dialog with group management across the Company to single out relevant topics in accordance with three dimensions:

This report focuses on the 16 dark-gray “Interact,” “Impact,” and “Focus” topics of the map, which, in accordance with the GRI Universal Standards Update 2021, now displays the material topics along the two axes of strategic relevance for the business and impact on sustainable development.


In 2019, Belimo conducted the current materiality analysis, focusing on material topics that reflect the sustainability impacts of our operations and products along our entire value chain. To further align the sustainability strategy with stakeholder expectations, Belimo periodically reviews its materiality analysis. In 2024, we plan to conduct a new materiality analysis that will serve as the basis for the imminent strategy review.