Credibility Culture

Company Values and Culture

We strongly believe that an excellent corporate culture forms the foundation of a virtuous circle that benefits all stakeholders.

Customer loyalty starts with a well-defined purpose and substantial investment of an organization. For Belimo, that purpose is to make an impact through the development, production, and sales of field devices for energy-efficient control of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. We express this with CESIM®, our customer-centric method for innovating building technology with damper actuators, control valves, sensors and meters.

The Company’s internal service quality is critical for maintaining its competitive advantage. It unites seamless processes with training and a quality-first attitude. Belimo believes that this forms the foundation upon which employee loyalty can thrive. A more advanced professional experience within the Company leads to better overall employee performance. The better the professional expertise of its employees, the better the Company’s external service quality. This includes excellent outside/inside sales and technical support, fast and reliable logistics, and efficient handling of quality issues (find out more under Customer Engagement and Support). This leads to outstanding customer service and increased customer satisfaction, positioning the brand ahead of its competitors. However, the goal of Belimo is not only to have satisfied customers but also to provide superior customer value by exceeding their expectations. When this becomes the norm, true customer loyalty is sure to follow.

Our culture is built on trust, integrity, competence, and responsibility, while supporting personal commitment, teamwork, cultural diversity, and the courage to take risks to inspire customers. Customers pay a premium for a flawless experience, which leads to a higher demand and increased efficiency through operational excellence on the supply side and, ultimately, above-average profitability.

Successfully Managing Change

During the year under review, the Company continued to add new hires in line with the Group’s growth strategy. As of 2022, Belimo employs more than 2’200 dedicated professionals. In accordance with the overarching goal to double customization capacities in the following next years, most new hires have been added to assembly and logistics. Sales, marketing, and distribution follow this. The third growth area was administration and management.

Employees by Region
Employees by Function
Employees by Gender

From a regional perspective, Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) grew strongest in the Americas, in line with the strong sales growth of the market region. When looking at the distribution of employees, gender is one dimension by which the Company assesses diversity – next to other factors such as age, cultural background, or skills – and the various initiatives launched to promote diversity actively bear fruit. The representation of female employees in management functions increased to 18% (2021: 17%) and the total share of female employees increased to 39% of the total headcount (2021: 38%).

A growing company undergoes tremendous change, representing both a challenge and an opportunity for Company Values and Culture. To optimally manage this change, the Human Resources Division has been strengthened in the period under review by appointing a new Global Head of Human Resources and member of the extended Executive Committee, Sandra Pitt. 

Also, a social sustainability target was initiated in 2022 to strengthen the credibility culture (find out more under here).

How Is Company Values and Culture Managed?

The principles for interacting with internal and external stakeholders are outlined in our Mission, Values, and Code of Conduct, and CESIM®. They must be followed in accordance with the Belimo management model.

New employees learn about our values and quality standards during induction. Leadership training and ongoing internal communication of our vision, mission, and values are also vital to the continuous improvement of the company culture. By ensuring that all employees thoroughly understand the Company’s values and culture, they are empowered to contribute optimally.

Given that every company also relies on its external stakeholders, these cultural aspects do not stop at an organization’s borders. Therefore, it is equally important for Belimo to promote a great company culture with all its customers, suppliers, and other parties (read more on this topic under Partnerships with Suppliers).

How Is Company Values and Culture Measured?

We track the following key performance indicators to evaluate our success in maintaining our Company Values and Culture:

  • Employee tenure and turnover.
  • Engagement score (for more information see Employee Empowerment and Engagement).
  • Results of employee surveys and feedback from new employees. Each department evaluates survey results and generates an improvement plan, which is monitored by Human Resources.
  • The ability of each employee to put the Company’s values into practice is assessed by the annual employee performance appraisal interview.