Operational Excellence

Quality First

In line with our quality first standards, all employees are encouraged to assume their share of responsibility for ensuring operational excellence.

We are a global market leader in damper actuators, control valves, sensors and meters for the control of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. We provide our customers with more value and deliver higher quality products with comparatively longer warranty periods.

Strengthened Product Compliance 

During the reporting period, the Company’s product creation process has been reviewed and optimized. The review takes into consideration all the steps and requirements that are crucial during the creation phase of a new product, including product qualification. To efficiently manage increasing regulations, the dedicated department that specializes in operational and product compliance was further strengthened in 2022.

The numbers of customer, supplier, and internal complaints are regularly reviewed to verify the success of our quality first approach. The number of complaints of each category in relation to net sales decreased in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Supplier Complaints
Customer Complaints
Internal Complaints
How Is Quality First Managed?

We achieve the highest quality by sharing responsibility between all employees and are enforcing the quality first standard through workshops in all divisions. This ensures that everyone in the Company becomes an intrinsic part of the development cycle and, by raising awareness among our employees, we commit to living up to the strict quality standards that we have pledged. Belimo employees are encouraged to constantly seek new ways to improve operational excellence at every step of the value chain. If any issues are discovered, an online form can be used to open an internal quality, environmental, or safety case. The input from these forms is analyzed and suitable action is subsequently taken.

How Is Quality First Measured?

We track several key performance indicators to evaluate the success of our quality first approach, including:

  • Total and relative number of supplier complaints.
  • Total and relative number of customer complaints.
  • Total and relative number of internal complaints.
  • Customer satisfaction after a closed quality case.
  • Total warranty expenses in CHF 1’000.
  • Number of return merchandise authorizations (RMA).