Customer Value

Customer Engagement and Support

The use of digital design tools in the HVAC industry is gaining ground and, at the same time, the Company’s customer support continues to evolve to cater to the needs of a digitally adept generation of customers.

The use of digital tools in the planning, design, and execution of projects for building automation and control systems is becoming increasingly predominant and changing the pattern of physical interactions. Belimo is investing in this field to maintain its competitive advantage of excellent support provided to a digitally adept generation of customers, and to ensure a strong emotional bond with them.

Enhancing Our Customer Touchpoints

By accelerating and innovating our initiatives around digital customer experience, we aim to bring digital and personal customer touchpoints to a higher level of interaction. In the period under review, the global website with e-commerce has continued to undergo extensive development, leveraging on the basis of customer feedback. A key requirement is that new product offerings remain easy to select for our customers.

Meanwhile, the global rollout of a state-of-the-art customer relationship management solution was completed in the reporting period. This goes beyond the software itself, with the ambition being to integrate all relevant Company processes seamlessly in a single place.

What is more, Belimo has further increased the number of sales engineers in 2022 to 442 (2021: 382).

How Is Customer Engagement and Support Managed?

Belimo focuses on the following tools and assets to ensure the consistency of its customer engagement:

  • Key to a great digital customer experience is the integration of all different data streams – be it customer-facing data, device data, or production data – and the connection of all these data pools in a meaningful way.
  • A strong, local sales team that offers expert engineering advice in the customer’s language.
  • A digital technical support service that allows customers to communicate easily with support engineers.
  • A customer relationship management system that strives to integrate service, sales, technical support, and product and quality organization.
  • A fully integrated and seamless global website with e-commerce.
  • Efficient sizing, selection, and specification software paired with well-balanced training courses.
  • Dedicated employees for continuous process improvement, training, quality assurance, and compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Well-documented internal policies and procedures that help our employees to be aware of their responsibilities and of upstream and downstream value-creation processes.
How Is Customer Engagement and Support Measured?

To measure customer satisfaction, Belimo conducts customer surveys, tracks material returns, and has implemented a customer issue tracking system to assess its effectiveness in resolving customer problems.

A key performance indicator for tracking the success of our e-commerce is the percentage of sales through our website and other digital channels.